Understanding Predefined Data Maps Project Management Help

Anytime you want to import data with an external file format rather than an entire project file created in an earlier version of Project, you must map the data in your external file to the appropriate tables and fields in Project 2000. This is also true when you export part of a project file to a non-native format, The three tables available for import and export mapping are

• Task Table
• Resource Table
• Assignment Table

Combinations of fields in one or more of these tables are collected to form a data map, Data maps list the fields, filters, relationships, sources, and destinations of separate files, Although several of the predefined data maps were developed with a particular application in mind, maps are interchangeable. The main constraint is that some text-based file formats can map only to one table per file, whereas most file formats can map:.to multiple Project tables, Import/Export Maps are saved in the GLOBAL.MPT -file, The global template is shared by all project files, so an import/export map that you create in one project can be used in another project, You can now edit the global template directly in Project also, but care should be taken when making global changes Before creating a custom data map, check Table 19.2 to see whether Project has a map that includes the list of fields you want to export.



Posted on November 26, 2015 in Importing and Exporting Project Data

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