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To install Microsoft Project Central on the server, follow these steps:

1.Insert your Microsoft Project 2000 CD into your CD·ROM drive. The setup program should run automatically. OR If auto run is disabled, choose Run from the Start menu and enter the following command: [CD-ROM Drive]: auto run auto run.
2. Select Microsoft Project Central Server from the Microsoft Project setup window, as shown in Figure 26.2

Select Microsoft Project

Select Microsoft Project

3. Read the End User License Agreement (EULA)and click Next:
4.If none of the three databases listed are installed on your server, choose Install·ow. If SQL Server, Oracle, or MSDE are installed, select Customize, as shown In Figure 26.3

project contral serves

project contral serves

5. Select the shared drive where you want Microsoft Project Central installed (refer to Figure 26.3). The installer defaults to the drive with the most available space .

Installing with No Existing Database

Click Install Now if you’re not using MSSQL7 or if Oracle and Microsoft Data Engine are not already installed on the server that will house Microsoft Project Central. .

Installing with an Existing Database

Choose Customize if you are using MSSQL7 or Oracle or have MSDE installed on the server that will house Microsoft Project Central. Complete the following steps in the Microsoft Project Central Server Connect to Database window (shown in Figure 26.4):

1. Select whether you want to use MSDE, MSSQL, or Oracle.
2. Enter the name of the server that hosts your database.
3. Enter your logon information for the named database server.
4. Enter the name of the database you created to hold your Project information.
5. Click on the Test Connection button to validate the information you just entered. If you receive the message “Test connection failed,” go back and check your information. If you receive the message “Test connection completed successfully,” dick OK.
6. Click the Install Now button.

Enter Information

Enter Information

When installation is complete, you are asked ‘to restart the server. After the server reboots, you can configure the server for your project managers.

Installing Project Central Clients

A Web browser is needed to use Microsoft Project Central. A whole new outlook on Microsoft Project begins when you open this interface. You may use Internet Explorer 4.x, 5.0, or the Browser Module. The Browser Module and IE 5.0 are included on the Microsoft Project 2000 CD.

Administering and Customizing Microsoft Project Central Server

The Microsoft Project Central Administrator has permission to add, modify, deactivate, and remove user accounts; set database options; clean up the Microsoft Project Central database; and control access to the Microsoft Project Central site. The administrator can also customize the appearance of Microsoft Project Central Web pages by adding a company logo, hyperlinks to other Web sites, or hyperlinks to other files on the network. The administrator defines roles, which limit available functionality, and categories,. which, limit views of project data.

It is in the Administration Module, shown in Figure 26.5, where non-project time categories such as vacation, sick leave, or work not related to the project are defined. After the definitions are set, nonworking time can be tracked along with project time. The result: a complete time sheet solution for project managers. Gantt bar formatting is done from this module, along with setting the Authentication security options. It is at this point in the process that the senior project manager or appropriate supervisory personnel may want to be involved to set up the project management and human resource aspects of Project Central.

The Overview page of

The Overview page of

Understanding Server Mode

Microsoft Project Central Server runs in two modes: normal and single user. Single use~ mode is used for administrative tasks that lock database objects or change security settings.

Single User Mode

Some administrative tasks can be performed only in single user mode, including the following:

• Deleting items from the database
• Merging user accounts
• Changing authentication options
• Changing nonworking time

It is important for data integrity that you make sure that there are no users connected to the database before you change modes. The database must be locked to prevent accidental corruption:

project contral

project contral

Before switching to single user mode, send an email to all users, warning them to stop using the server, either directly through a browser or through Microsoft Project, at a sped fied time. After all users have logged off, you can safely change modes. To change modes select Admin> Server Mode from the top menu or select Server Mode in the Actions menu.

Logging On to Microsoft Project Central

Open a browser, either locally on the server or from a remote machine. Enter the following URL including the server name (the name of the computer where Project Central is installed):

When You open this site for the first time, you will see a Security Warning. Click Yes to continue. If you click the No button, you cannot access the Microsoft Project Central site.

The Microsoft Project Central setup program creates a default user named Administrator. This user has a blank password. The first time you logon, type administrator in the username box and leave the password box blank. A dialog box appears, asking you to change your password. (This is highly recommended.) To change your password, click Yes.You will be asked for your old password, to enter a new password, and to confirm your new password. Leave the Old Password box blank and after you enter your new password twice, click the Change Password button or press Enter:

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