Setting Security and Account Creation Permissions Project Management Help

The features in this section determine who can create accounts. Both options-to allow managers to create accounts and to allow resources to create accounts-are enabled by default. If you need tighter security for creating accounts, you may want to disable one or both of these options.

Setting Authentication Options

Microsoft Project Central users are authenticated in one of two ways. The first is the Windows NT user account authentication; the second is Microsoft Project Central authentication. Choose which way your want your users to be authenticated by clicking the Authentication Options in the Actions pane. By default, the Mixed option is enabled, allowing you to use either authentication method. You can also change the password length for Microsoft Project Central on this page

To set authentication options:

1. Choose Authentication Options from the Customize menu or from the Actions menu.
2. Select which method you wanfto use for authentication. If you chose Windows NT authentication only, all current Microsoft Project Central accounts will be disabled; if you chose Microsoft Project Central authentication, all current Windows NT user accounts will be disabled.
3. Click the Save Changes button.
4. Reset the server mode to Normal.

Customizing the Project Central Home Page

You can add your own links and content to the Microsoft Project Central Home Page. They will appear in special sections at the bottom of all users’ home pages. This is one way to provide organization-specific information to all users conveniently, saving users from browsing or searching for the project information that you want them to have on hand. Figure 26.10 shows a customized home page that includes a page from a Web site

Customize the home

Customize the home

Adding Links

To add links to the Microsoft Project Central Home Page, click on Add to Home Page in the Customize menu or on the Actions frame. Type in the name of the link as you want it to appear on the Home Page. Next, type in the complete URL address in the next column including the http or file prefix. Figure 26.11 shows the content needed for the Home page to appear as it does in Figure 26.10

Managing Views

In this area, you define what Microsoft Project Central users can see’ in their Views section. This requires you to follow specific procedures. Make sure that you read each section before continuing. If you are not familiar with Microsoft Project 2000, you may want to seek the knowledge of a senior project manager in your organization (or read the earlier chapters in this book)

Data Sources for Views

The Data Sources for Views page lists all the data source names (DSNs) used by projects in Microsoft Project Central

Data Sources for Views

Data Sources for Views

The DSNs must exist on both the Microsoft Project Central Server and the computer on which the project resides. You can create DSNs on any computer by using the ODBC Data Source Administrator in the Control Panel. Ideally, the server administrator should set up the needed DSKs and make them available to project managers

Specify Views

Views are composed of a set of fields and filters that allows the user to focus on only certain areas of a project. (For more information on views; see Chapter 17, “Using Views to Evaluate Data.”) As the administrator, you can create and define views to see Microsoft Project Central assignment information, a collection of projects, or to see details of an individual project. Point to Admin on the menu and choose Manage Views. Choose Specify Views in the Actions pane.

Specify Views

Specify Views

Defining a New View

Choosing New View from the menu opens the Define Views page. It presents all the options available to create a new view. Make your selection in each section and fill in the tables. A drop-down box appears when you click on a cell in a table.

Click the OK button at the top of the page when you are finished. The new view is now available for your users

Modifying a View

Select 3 view to modify and click Modify View on the menu. The Modify View page looks exactly like the Define Views page. You can change any of the options except the View Type. When you are finished making changes, click the OK button at the top of the page

Deleting a View

Use this menu item with caution. Select the view you want to delete and click Delete View all the menu. This action is completed without any confirmation. The Specify View’s page resets and the view you deleted is no longer in the Views table.

Specify Categories

category can contain a single user or a group of users’. Microsoft Project Central creates four default categories during installation. They categories are as follows:

Executive Manager No default users
Project Managers. All users with the role of manager
Resource Manager No default users
Team Members All users with the role of resource

You can’t delete the Project Managers and Team Managers categories, but you can remove the Executive Manager and Resource Manager categories if you wish.

With the exception of the default assignment of Resources and Managers, the Microsoft Project Central administrator specifies the users, projects, views, or portfolio and assignment information for each category. You might add new categories for specific projects or modify existing categories to allow specific team members like supervisors or team leaders to view more details about the project they are working with.

Add categories to

Add categories to

To add or modify a category, point to the Admin tab and select Manage Views. Choose Specify Categories. When the Specify Categories page opens from the Actions pane, click the appropriate menu item (to modify a category, you must have it selected in the table).

The following is a list of options you can set:

Users Select the users who belong in this category
Projects Select the project that users in this category can view
Portfolio Views Select views for displaying the portfolio of projects
Project Views Select views for displaying individual projects
Assignment Views Select views for displaying Microsoft Project Central assignment information

After you finish making your selections and setting the options, scroll back to the top of the page and click the OK button

Setting User Permissions for Views

You can change a user’s permissions by assigning them to one or more categories and specifying which assignments they can view. To modify these permissions

1. Choose Admin’> Manage Views.
2. Select User Permissions for Views from the Action frame.
3. Select the user whose permissions you want to modify.
4. Click Modify User Permissions.
S. Select the options you wish to use.
6. Enable or disable the Allow This User To See All Assignments Of All Users He Has Sent A Work group Message To check box.
7. Click the OK button at the top of the page

Views are an important part of the user’s experience with Project Central, and they provide the security and control that project managers require. When creating and managing views, it’s essential to receive input from the project managers. Those who are knowledgeable about all the active projects in the organization are in the best position to make decisions about what views are available to which users .

Posted on November 26, 2015 in Installing And Administering Microsoft Project Central 2000

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