Sending the File to the Printer Project Management Help

After he project file is set up the way you like,’ it’s time to send it to the printer. Al though printing is rather straightforward, there are a couple of settings you should be aware of.

To print a project the follow these steps:
1. Choose File> Print.
2. Set the Print Range to print certain pages or accept the default of All.
3. Indicate the number of copies you want trader,
4. Set the Timescale to print information for only certain dates, or accept the default of All.
S. Choose OK.

Closing Project Files

To close a project file, click File> Close, or click the Close button in the Project file window. Each open file needs to be saved and closed individually.

What’s Next

Now that you know your way around Microsoft Project, it’s time to begin defining a project. In “Building a New Project,” you’ll learn how to set up project information, enter project properties, and define project calendars .

Posted on November 26, 2015 in Working in Project 2000

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