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In this section, we’ll talk about how to properly save your project files. Projects can be saved with or without a baseline. The first time that you save a project file, Project’s Planning wizard asks you if you want to save it with or without a baseline.

After you save a project with a baseline, the Planning Wizard no longer prompts you with this question again.

~ ThePlanning Wizard prompts you to save a project with a baseline

The Planning Wizard prompts you to save a project with a baseline

Using the Save As Dialog Box

The first time you-save a project, the Save As dialog box appears. This dialog box is where you identify where you want the file saved and what the file name will be. Similar to the Open dialog box, the Save. As dialog box allows you to perform many functions other than just saving files. To save a new Project file, follow these steps

1. Select File> Save As from the File menu or click the Save button on the Standard toolbar.
2. Use the Save In drop-down list to locate where you want to save the file.
3. Type in the desired file name in the File Name field.
4. Click on the Save button.

The Planning Wizard prompts you to decide whether you want to save the project with a baseline. Baselines are project estimates that help you track how you are doing. Ideally, you should save a project with a baseline after you have entered the project plan and before the actual project begins. To learn more about saving with a baseline, refer to, “Preparing your project for Publication.”

Using the Auto Save Option

If you do not always remember to. save your project files, you can have Project automatically save your project files at regular intervals. You can find the Auto Save option  on the Save tab in of the Options dialog box (Tools> Options), shown in Figure 5.20.
You can decide how often you want the project to be saved and whether you want to save just the active project or all open project files. You can also specify whether or not you want to be prompted before it saves.

Using Print Preview

Using Print Preview

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