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Part of managing a project is being able to communicate project information effectively. Many times, this is accomplished through printing and distributing specific project reports. You can print formal reports and you can print views. For more information about printing reports, “Using Reports to Analyze Data, A and for more about setting up and printing views, see.

Using Print Preview

Print Preview allows you to preview before printing. Click the Print Preview button on the Standard toolbar or choose file >Print Preview to display the Print Preview screen, shown in Figure 5.21.

~ Print Preview gives you a dear picture of what the printed document win look like.

Print Preview gives you a dear picture of what the printed document win look like.

Use the Print Preview toolbar, located at the top of the Print Preview screen, to navigate through the document.

Page Setup Optio,ns

Page Setup Options

If you want to change the page orientation, margins, headers and footer is legend, or view, click the Page Setup button. When you are ready to go to the Print dialog box, click the Print button. To close out of Print Preview and return to the project, click the Close button. If you need additional assistance to use Print Preview, click the Help button .

Changing Page Setup Options

Page Setup options allow you to do the following:

• Change the page orientation
• Adjust the scaling to a percentage or force it to fit on one page
• Adjust page and margin settings
• Add headers and footers
• Add legends
• Set  view options
You can access the Page Setup dialog box IT Print Preview or by Choosing File> Page Setup.

Adding Headers, Footers, and Legends

Headers, footers and legends are useful to show project information such as project name, date, page numbers, and keys or legends. Headers and footers appear on every page, and you can specify if you want a legend to appear on every page or on its own Individual legend page.

To enter a header, footer, or legend, click one of the alignment tabs shown in Figure 5.22, and enter the text you want to appear.

~ Use the Header, Footer, and Legend tabs to set up text that repeats on every page o( the printed documents.

Use the Header, Footer, and Legend tabs to set up text that repeats on every page the printed documents.

To enter Fields such as Page Numbers, Number of Pages, Current Date, Current Time’ name, or Picture, click the corresponding button on the toolbar underneath the text box. You can also select fields from the General and Project fields drop-down lists.

Select the field you want to add and click the Add button located next to each list. When working with the’settings on the legend page, you need to specify whether you want the legend to print on every page or on a legend page, which prints at the end of the project file. You can also specify the width of the legend page and set the font style, size, and color.

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