Opening a Project with a Shared Resource Pool Project Management Help

When you open a project that uses a shared resource pool, the Planning Wizard asks you whether you want to open the resource pool to see assignments across all sharer files. If you choose this option, Project opens both the sharer file and the resource pool file. This allows you to see all the resources and assignments that are shared across all projects

open resource

open resource

If you choose not to open other files, Project opens only the sharer file and not the resource pool. The only resources available to you in this case are resources you have already assigned to other tasks.

Viewing Resource Assignments

To see resource assignments across multiple projects, switch to the Resource Usage view (View” Resource Usage), shown in Figure 14.19. This view shows resource assignments across all projects that share the resource pool. The tasks are displayed in gray to indicate that they are not native to this project. You can check over- and undeta Hocatiom by switching to Resource Graph view (View > Resource Graph).

Removing a Shared Resource Pool

If you decide to discontinue using a particular shared resource pool, you can share a proiect with another resource pool or use the resources from the project file. To switch to another resource pool, open the new resource pool and choose Tools >- Resources and click Share Resources from the sharer file. Select another resource  rom the Use Resource From drop-down list. To stop using a resource pool and return to the resources in the project file, choose Use Own Resources from the Share Resources dialog box.

Whats Next

Now that you know how to use Project to manage multiple projects, it becomes even more important to effectively communicate with your project resources about the status of a project’s tasks. Chapters 15 and 16 deal exclusively with team communication. In Chapter IS, you’ll learn how to communicate using Project’s team tools with email. we’ll introduce you to Project 2000’s new Web-based communication system called Microsoft Project Central.

Posted on November 25, 2015 in Sharing Resources And Takes Among Multiple Project

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