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The Team Assign form is used to assign  activities or tasks. Dote: \lied 10/13/99 . been assigned the  below. If on of the task 0$ mercer are irreparably to message and  me know Then you The final design consideration Is project security. The Manhattan Project (the project that built the first atomic bomb) is at one end of the security spectrum. At the other end of the spectrum is the project to plan the company picnic. Somewhere in between are projects to determine the feasibility of acquiring another firm, sell a manufacturing facility, or launch a new product line. Before you can manage project security, you need to know how secure the project needs to be. You probably won’t need to purchase recriminating
equipment to secure access to the company picnic project files, for example. .

Include a statement about security (even if the statement is “Discuss this project with anyone you wish”) in the project design. The statement should clearly delineate which project information is confidential, and who is entitled to access or discuss confidential
information or files. You may want to have project staff members sign a non-disclosure agreement, indicating that they have read the security statement and understand it. (Sample non-disclosure agreements, created in Word, are available on that Cyberbex Web
site: IWM. sybex ,com.) You can attach the agreements and any other files-to the Microsoft Project  file you create,

What’s Next

This chapter provided an overview of project deslgnsIn Chapter 3, “Understanding Project Management Tasks we’ll broadly examine the project manager’s tasks after the project enters the implementation stage. If you’re an experienced project maner feel free to jump to “Project 2000 Quick start .

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