Importing Data from Specific Applications Project Management Help

In this section, you’U find step-by-step instructions and examples for the Imports from specific applications. The details of the Import process differ because the file formats differ, For example, when Import from Excel,you have to choose the,worksheet that the data Is stored on, A delimited symbol is required for delimited text files, The overall process Is similar, however, regardless of the native format o! the Import data source, Whether you’re importing files from Excel, Access,earlier version of Project, ODBC databases, or text files created by Notepad or a word processor, you’ll, use the Importing tools discussed In the previous section. After you’ve Imported data from a couple of different file formats, you can confidently Import data from any format Into a Project 2000 file.

Importing from Previous Versions of Project

Project 2000 Is backward-compatible and you allow you to open all the file types used in previous Project versions, As Project has matured, however, the number of fields and functions has greatly increased, This means older projects may appear Incomplete or may yield unexpected results In Data Scheduling and Duration fields, Carefully check your older project files for completeness and accuracy after importing.

To open a project file created in a previous version of Project:
1. Select File> Open. The Files of Type List Box default is Microsoft Project Files (MP) so all Project files in the selected directory location will be listed, with the exception of MDB files (Project Database files created in Project 4.x and earlier).
2. Select the location of the file you want to open in the Look In drop-down list.
3. Choose the project file name from the file list and click the Open button, The project opens and displays in your default view.

Posted on November 26, 2015 in Importing and Exporting Project Data

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