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Earlier versions of Project could export and read the Access file format (MDB), Access 2000 will open the Microsoft Project Database (MPD) files created by Project 2000, Importing data from Access Isn’t significantly (different than importing from Excel or a text file, Access 2000 Is a great database, It some companies and institutions store the bulk of their Information on mainframes large minicomputer databases, not In PC based databases such as Access. Until recently, that wealth of organizational data was only accessible to mainframe users, If new reports or queries were required, It was time to Call In the programmers.

Improved software and hardware for microcomputer access to mainframe data have radically changed the role of PCs in business, and Project 2000 continues the trend toward greater desktop access to hard-core corporate data with support for the latest version of ODBC (Open Database Connectivity), ODBC is an open standard for database access, ODBC was not developed by Microsoft, but it is often thought of as a Microsoft standard because Windows was the first operating system to support ODBC, Access and SQL Server are both ODBC-compliant, as are many other database programs. Widespread use of the ODBC standard means that you can query data from a variety of sources on your PC, whether or not the data was created on a Pc, For example, you might want to import information from a SQL Server or Oracle database by using Project, To do this, you will use a combination of software:

• Project 2000 to map the data and perform the import

• The ODBC Driver Manager, which is part of Windows 95/98/NT/2000

• A specific ODBC driver designed to allow Query to allow access to the SQL Server or Oracle database

• The SQL Server or Oracle database

Importing from an ODBC-compliant database involves one extra step, setting up the ODBC data source, a combination of the database and the appropriate ODBC driver ODBC-compliant databases usually ship with their own ODBC drivers, and there are third-party drivers available, The ODBC drivers installed on your computer are displayed when you select a data source.

Posted on November 26, 2015 in Importing and Exporting Project Data

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