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After you identify the project activities and break them down into work packages, it’s time to determine- the resources required for each package. This is the breakdown for activity 7, Pretest Branch Employees:
7.1 Communicate the pretest requirements to employees
7.2 Post the pretest on the intranet
7.2.1 Create welcome page
7.2.2 Create the pretest results database
7.2.3 Post aud test Web pages
7.3 Follow up with employees
7,3.1 Check to see who has completed the test
7.3.2 Emall reminders to employees who have not completed the test
7.3.3 Email supervisors with completion information
7,4 Evaluate the results
7_5 Communicate the results to XYZCorporation

Subjectivity 7.2 secludes three work packages. According to the Train 2K Web master, work package 7.2.3 (Post and Test Web Pages) involves four separate tasks. The tasks and the Web master’s estimates of the hours.of work required for each task are
how in Table 2.2.


Task Est Work Required Apply templates, post, and test static pages t Post pretest pages Test links to results database Create hyperlinks from home page
3 hours
2 hours
2 hours
1 hour

Make sure that the estimates (such as those shown in Table 2.2) are estimated work hours: the number of hours it will take one person to complete the task, rather than the number of hours it will take a crew of four to complete the task. As you’ll see in Chapters 7 (“Entering Project Tasks”) and 8 (“Scheduling and Linking Project Tasks), there are a variety of ways to enter activity, work package, and ask information in Project 2000. You can use the Gantt Chart view shown in Figure 2.4, enter information in a task sheet, or use the Task Information dialog box shown in Figure 2.5.

r.mmrIDIII Enter 'information about a task in the Task Information dialog box

Enter ‘information
about a task in the
Task Information
dialog box

The exhaustive list of actiVities, subacnvmes, work packages, and tasks is the final definition of the scope of the project. When ‘you’re convinced that the list is complete, move on to the remaining aspects of the project: costs, performance, and timeline.

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