Estimating Project Costs Project Management Help

In Project 2000, you assign activity costs Indirectly. Costs are assigned to resources. Examples of resources include the following:
• Employees at their hourlyrate or prorated’ salaried rate, optionally including employee benefits
• Contractors
• Temporary employees
• Equipment at a lease rate or calculated periodic cost
• Facilities

If your colleagues use Project, you can use resources from a pool in another Microsoft Project file. This is more than a convenience-if the projects share staff, using a common resource pool helps ensure that staff members aren’t accidentally overworked. You’ll learn about defining and using resources in    “Defining Resources” and more about shared resource pools in Chapter 14, “Sharing Resources and Tasks among Multiple Projects.” After tasks, resources and costs, and resource assignments are entered, you can quickly and easily create the project budget.

Posted on November 25, 2015 in Understanding Projects

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