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In the development stage  resonance accordion& to the protect plan to complete readabilities·.inedible the protect destine- If the project outcome is a new prod. cut, manufacturing tools up and the product begins rolling off the assembly line. In the software industry, interface specialists begin designing the interface, and then programmers start writing code. In the publishing industry, authors write, editors edit, and desktop publishers layout pages. In an organization that creates new curricula, trainers design and write the curricular modules.

Quality assurance and communication skills are Vitus to measure performance and to communicate the status of the project tasks in the development stage. As tasks are partially or wholly completed or revised, you update your project file In Microsoft Project. Project 2000 will help you manage; envelopment by providing accurate comparisons of actual performance and resource .e use to the project plan, budget, and timeline


Implementation involve field test, tangibility  groups, soft Witt is sent to bet the and newcomer on . Based on feedback, products may be modified or re-engineered, and services or service delivery might be redesigned

NOTE There is a tendency to rip through this stage with great speed, particularly if the project involves product. In the computer industry,in particular,the conventional wisdom is that it’s better to release an adequate software version or microcomputer processor on time than to release a drastically improved version of the same product six months late.


In the final stage of a project, member S of five project team review ten project. Using project rep strand their personal experiences With the project, animate members  what worked wen and Identify areas for Improvement. Even when a project is incredibly successful, it can be difficult to conduct a good evaluation-the project is over, you already held the victory party, and team members have been assigned to their next projects. Do it anyway. Solid, thoughtful project evaluations can provide a foundation for the organization’s success in future projects.

NOTE If you want more information on project management strategies and practices, we recommend The Project Manager’s Desk Reference, by James P. Lewis  1999, ISBNO-07-13-4750-X) and Project Management for the 21st Century, by Ben net P. Lientz and (Academic Pr., 1998, ISBN0-12-449966-X). For insight on project management in high tech industries, see Edward Your don’s Death March (Prentice Hall,1999, ISBN0-13-748310-4), mentioned earlier in this .

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