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When we typically think of performance, we think of attributu sudi as efficiency and effectiveness. In project management, performance has a more specific meaning: the quality of toe activities performed. Examples of quality measurement include the following: Measurements of the customers’ perception of quality
• Manufacturing: rejected parts as a percentage of all parts produced

• Machining machine hours within prescribed limits as a percentage of all machine hours (statistical process control)
• Education: percentage of graduates who pass a standardized competency test
• Medicine: percentage of patients who respond positively to a course of treatment
• Software engineering: lines of error-free code as a percentage of all lines of code.

In the XYZ-BOTproject, we could use a number of different measures. For example, we could have trainees fill out an evaluation ‘form at the end of the class. We already . have a posttest in place that serves as one measure of training quality. The goal of the XYZ-BOTproject, however, is increased trainee software profidency so trainees can use specific templates and applications. So, we need to measure training transfer= dlfference in employee performance with the software after training. If every trainee shows marked improvement in the posttesfbut still.can’t use the templates created at corporate headquarters, the project is a failure. (It may be a project design failure rather than faulty implementation, but it’s still a failure.) Large companies require quality certification for approved vendors. If you work for a lar8t organization, you’re probably familiar with the quality measurements and methods used in your company, or have quality Specialists on staff who can help you determine
appropriate standards for activities in your project. If your organization doesn’t have standard agreements or measurements tn place, work with the’ project’s customers and stakeholders to determine the appropriate quality standards that you can communicate to project participants, including employees and vendors. You’ll find most information about quality standards and measurements in “Assessing and Managing Risks.”

Posted on November 25, 2015 in Understanding Projects

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