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Before sending the first TeamAssign message in a project, you may want to customize the workgroup messages that Project generates. You can customize the fields that are displayed in the message, as well as the timesheet grid that team members use to report work on the project. To customize workgroup messages, chose Tools >- Customize . Workgroup from the menu

Adding Fields to Workgroup Messages

The Customize Workgroup dialog box, shown in Figure 15.15, displays the list of fields currently in workgroup messages on the right and available fields on the left.

Adding Fields to Workgroup Messages

Adding Fields to Workgroup Messages

To add a field to the workgroup messages, select the field in the Available Fields column and click the right arrow to move the field into the Fields in Wo rkgroup Messages column. Use the up and down Move arrows to change the order (If the fields in the time sheet grid. To remove a field fromthe message, select the fieldl and click the left, arrow to move the field back to the Available Fields column. You can only remove fields that you add-standard fields cannot be removed from the workgroup messages. If you click on any field, you can see a description of where the field is added.

Adjusting the Time sheet Grid

Use the Ask for Completed Work field to change the time sheet grid. The default, Broken Down by Day, provides a day-by-day grid for team members to enter daily work on a task. Choose Broken Down By Week if you want team members to enter total hours for each weekly period. Choose As a Total for the Entire Period if you want team members to enter summary totals of only the hours worked for the entire identified period

Setting Other Custom Options

If you want team members to include overtime work when they enter time in the timesheet grid, select the Track Overtime Work checkbox.

You can give team members the option to decline tasks, or you can restrict that option by selecting or clearing the Task Members Can Decline Tasks checkbox.

To return the field settings to the original default options, click the Reset button.

What’s Next

In this chapter, we reviewed the workgroup em ail tools. In Chapter 16, “Team Project Management with Project Central 2000,” you’ll have the opportunity to learn about Project Central, Micrcsoft Project’s new Web-based communication tool. With Project, you can use both email and Web based options to manage projects within an intranet and with other external email users .

Posted on November 25, 2015 in Communicating Project Information

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