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There’s not much difference between editing an existing report (which was covered previously in the chapter) and creating a new custom report. The only distinction is the template that gets used. Project 2000 reports are based on one of four templates:

Task, Resource, Cross tab, and Monthly Calendar. To create a new report click View >- Reports >- Custom, and click Select to open the Custom Reports list. Click the New button and. you’ll see the Define New Report dialog box.

Creating a New Report

Creating a New Report


Choose one of the four available report templates to use as a basis for the new report. If you choose Monthly Calendar, you’ll see the Monthly Calendar Report Definition dialog box shown in Figure 18.11. All of these settings should be familiar from working with view settings in (Feel free to revisit the Calendar section of for a .refresher.)

Creating a New Report

Creating a New Report

If you choose Resource, Task; or Cross tab, you’ll get the same dialog box and setting you use when you edit an existing report of the same type. These configuration settings are discussed at length in the earlier sections of this chapter, “Changing the Appearance of a Report” and “Changing the Content of a Report.”

What’s Next

In this chapter, we’ve covered some of the basics of inserting objects Into your Project files. addresses other project issues such as converting, linking, and embedding. The next chapter also focuses on moving data into and out of Project files by exploring options for importing and exporting. Exporting project data gives you the option of conducting analysis and developing reports using powerful data-crunching tools such as Microsoft Excel.


Posted on November 25, 2015 in Using Reports To Analyze Data

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