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Sending the File to the Printer

After he project file is set up the way you like,’ it’s time to send it to the printer. Al though printing is rather straightforward, there are a couple of settings you should be aware of. To print a project the follow these steps: 1. Choose File> Print. 2. Set the Print Range to print…

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Printing in Project

Part of managing a project is being able to communicate project information effectively. Many times, this is accomplished through printing and distributing specific project reports. You can print formal reports and you can print views. For more information about printing reports, “Using Reports to Analyze Data, A and for more about setting up and printing views,…

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Saving Projed Files

In this section, we’ll talk about how to properly save your project files. Projects can be saved with or without a baseline. The first time that you save a project file, Project’s Planning wizard asks you if you want to save it with or without a baseline. After you save a project with a baseline,…

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Opening Files

After you have located the project file you want to open, select it and then use one of the following three methods to open the file: • Double-click the file. • Right-click and select Open from the shortcut menu. • Click the Open button on the Open toolbar. Opening a File as Read-Only By opening…

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Opening an Existing File

If you want to open a previously saved project file, you can open it by clicking the Open Document button located on the Standard toolbar or by choosing File >- Open from the File menu. Each of these methods.brings you to the Open dialog box. The Open dialog box is used in all Microsoft applications…

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Contents and Index

The Contents and Index choice available on the Help menu is the Web-style help systern that gives you options for Contents, Answer Wizard, and Index. The Contents page Is shown in Figure 5.8. To find help about a particular subject, click the plus button to expand the listings.In Figure 5.8, the contents of several of…

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Changing Views

Views allow you to examine and work with a project from all different. angles, focusing on the information that is important to you at any given time. But views in Project are not just ways to see the same data. Views come in several varieties: some are used to enter data; some are used to…

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Exploring the Projed 1000 Application Window

The Project 2000 Application Window has a number of features found in Microsoft Office applications. Project 2000 is somewhat of a hybrid of Microsoft Outlook and Excel, with a carryover of features from Project 98. Even if you’re using Project for the first time, it won’t take long to find your way around. Figure 5.1…

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