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Managing Resources

Managing Resources Throughout the project, the project manager needs to analyze resource usage. If some tasks aren’t progressing according to schedule, you’ll be forced to examine your resource ” utilization, but there are other reasons to review the way your project plan uses resources: • Resources that you free up can be used in other…

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Analyzing Project Variance

Before you begin tracking project progress, you should a project baseline. A baseline so it’s a  tool for spotting discrepancy between actual work and scheduled • work. After you receive status reports on project tasks and update the actual schedule (automatically or manually), you can compare the schedule to the baseline to identify potential problems. If…

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Understanding Projects Management Tasks

Project team members are involved in specific tasks, whereas the project manager is responsible for all project tasks. Monitoring and tracking project activities help the project manager see the entire expanse of the project in a way that no task-oriented team member can. Successful monitoring and tracking help the manager quickly address problems and take…

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