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Managing Project Security

The Team Assign form is used to assign  activities or tasks. Dote: \lied 10/13/99 . been assigned the  below. If on of the task 0$ mercer are irreparably to message and  me know Then you The final design consideration Is project security. The Manhattan Project (the project that built the first atomic bomb) is at…

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Communicating Project Information

One Project principal tasks is communication. Project managers are for communication between all members 9 f the project team, including vendors, customers, and stakeholders. Project 2000’s Team Assign feature (see Figure 2.9) integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange Server, so you can easily assign activities to teams or individuals. Team members automatically communicate the status of…

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Determining Performance’ Standards

When we typically think of performance, we think of attributu sudi as efficiency and effectiveness. In project management, performance has a more specific meaning: the quality of toe activities performed. Examples of quality measurement include the following: Measurements of the customers’ perception of quality • Manufacturing: rejected parts as a percentage of all parts produced…

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Development the Project Schedule

A project Schultz includes the sequence of activities, the relationships between the activities, and the timing of each activity. There are two major tools used to schedule protects: Gantt thwarts and networks, including PERT and CPM. Henry Gantt invented the chart that bears his name to present the sequence and time required for a project’s…

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Estimating Project Costs

In Project 2000, you assign activity costs Indirectly. Costs are assigned to resources. Examples of resources include the following: • Employees at their hourlyrate or prorated’ salaried rate, optionally including employee benefits • Contractors • Temporary employees • Equipment at a lease rate or calculated periodic cost • Facilities If your colleagues use Project, you…

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Identifying Tasks and Times

After you identify the project activities and break them down into work packages, it’s time to determine- the resources required for each package. This is the breakdown for activity 7, Pretest Branch Employees: 7.1 Communicate the pretest requirements to employees 7.2 Post the pretest on the intranet 7.2.1 Create welcome page 7.2.2 Create the pretest…

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Analyzing Project Activities

A project includes a series of activities. To analyze project activities, begin by creating a comprehensive sequential list of the major activities that the project deliverable require. Some of the Major activities for the XYZ Branch Office Training project (which will quickly be shortened to the “XYZ-BOT project are shown in Table 2.1. TABLE2.1: BOT…

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