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Integrating Project Central with Outlook

In an environment in which team members are already using Microsoft Outlook, you may want to integrate Outlook tasks and non-working time calendar entries into Project Central or integrate Project Central into Outlook. Both options are available for team members who want to coordinate all of their activities into one place. Consolidating Outlook Data into Project Central If…

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Crelting and Sending Status Reports

As a manager, you can design a status report for team members to complete that contains the information you want to receive. You can then several team members in one consolidated status report. Team members can also design status reports and send them unsolicited to thet manager, or they can reply to status reports generated by their manager…

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Filtering Delegated Tasks

Tasks in the timesheet are shown with various lndicators, 50 you can see at a glance which have been declined, which are pending, and which have been successfully delegated. If you’re not sure what an indicator means, mouse over it for an explanation. When you have at least one delegated task, you have additional options for how to, view…

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Working with Tasks

Tasks are a critical data component in Project Central. Most, if not all, Project Central communication involves tasks in some way. Tasks are assigned, accepted, declined, delegated, updated, and created here. Understanding task features, therefore, is essential to working effectively in Project Central. by exploring tasks from the team members+viewpoint. Using the Timesheet Each team member’s timesheet shows tasks…

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Using Rules to Automatically Handle Messages

If the thought of opening and updating dozens of daily messages is overwhelming, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s an easier way. You can save time and effort by creating rules to automatically process messages that appear in your Inbox. Processing rules automatically updates your Project file. And, if you’re already familiar with the Outlook Rules Wizard, you’ll…

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Understanding Project Central Permissions

Each person who uses ‘Project Central must have an accollnt. Part of each account is the user name (to identify a specific person) and password (to authenticate that person’s identity). Accounts can be created in a couple of ways. For example, the Project Central administrator will set them up in advance. As a project manager, you can also…

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Team Project Management With Project Central 2000

In the real world, project managers don’t usually have exclusive control over their resources. Most companies share their human resources (and their material resources for that matter) across many projects. In Chapter 14, “Sharing Resources and Tasks among Multiple Projects,” you learned how to set up’ a resource pool or. use an exising pool to share resources. In Chapter…

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