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Opening a Project with a Shared Resource Pool

When you open a project that uses a shared resource pool, the Planning Wizard asks you whether you want to open the resource pool to see assignments across all sharer files. If you choose this option, Project opens both the sharer file and the resource pool file. This allows you to see all the resources and assignments that…

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Reviewing and Updating Project Links between Files

Returning to the MOUS Prep project scenario, before starting the MOUS study sessions, project managers in the MIS department decided that there was enough material about Microsoft Project to hold 12 sessions instead of the original 8. As a result, they also changed the Register for Exam task to follow Session 10, instead of Session 7. The Set…

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Working with Master and Subprojects

One of the biggest advantages of creating a master project is the-capability to work with the tasks and schedules of the consolidated project as if it were a single project. Youcan review all the details of the master project, sort and filter projects, and link tasks between projects. You can also view resource allocation across projects, create reports,…

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Understanding Master and Subprojects

Projects come in all sizes, from the simplest project with a few tasks to the most complex with thousands of tasks and resources working to complete it. Regardless of the size of the overall project, you may find it useful to work with the project in small digestible portions. With Project, you can divide a large project into…

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Sharing Resources And Takes Among Multiple Project

In today’s high-volume workplace, it is unusual for project managers to have only a single project on their plate. In most cases, project managers have to juggle multiple projects at different stages with different resources-some that relate to each other and some that stand alone. With Project’s master and subproject features, you can link related and even unrelated projects…

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