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Managing Project Scope

Scope management begins with the project definition and continues through the entire project. With products such as software and the first round of a multi-year training program, project managers can divert requests for additional features or functionality by saying “I’ll include that in our recommendations for the next project.” The “wait until the next version”…

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Tracking and Managing a Project

Your project’s been approved, so it’s time to get started. But before you do, it’s also time to save a project baseline. The baseline is a snapshot of the planned project. As the project moves into development, you’ll update the project file wit}l actual costs, hours worked, and completion information, which you’ll compare to the…

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Optimizing the Project Budget

Optimizing the budget is a very popular pastime. Project costs affect the bottom line for your department and the entire organization. To find out what your project, as designed, is estimated to cost, choose Project> Project Information to open the Project Information dialog box. Click the Statistics button in the dialog box to open the…

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Optimizing Resources

You’ve assigned and scheduled resources. To optimize resources, first find out whether any of the resources are over allocated. Choose View ¬†Resource Sheet. Over allocated resources stick out-they’re red and bold, and a leveling icon appears in the Information column. If you point to the icon, a screen tip appears with a leveling setting (for…

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A link can be modified

A link can be modified to build in some lag. For example, after we post our branch training pretest on the Intranet, employees need a few days to take th Project test before we begin nagging them about it, We’ll link the Post Pretest and Follow-up tasks Finish-to- Start, and then add four days of…

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Planning Project Activities

For this phase of project creation, you need your list of project tasks, resource references such as an employee directory and/or materials list, and the estimated costs for resources. Entering the Task List Enter your project tasks roughly in order (although you can drag and drop tasks to ‘ rearrange them later) in Project 2000’s…

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Building a Project

The first time you launch Microsoft Project 2000 from the Windows Programs menu (Start >- Programs >- Microsoft Project), Project opens a new project in Gantt Chart view, as shown in Figure 4.1. The timeline in the right pane displays dates, beginning today. Defining the Project Leslie are three activities you should complete before you…

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