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Setting Security and Account Creation Permissions

The features in this section determine who can create accounts. Both options-to allow managers to create accounts and to allow resources to create accounts-are enabled by default. If you need tighter security for creating accounts, you may want to disable one or both of these options. Setting Authentication Options Microsoft Project Central users are authenticated in one of…

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The Admin tab and all administrative functions, shown in Figure 26.6, are available only to the user accounts that have administrative permissions Creating Users Accounts Microsoft Project Central automatically creates an administrative account with a blank password when you install Project Central. All other accounts must be created by an account with administrative permissions. Accounts can also be…

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Starting Microsoft Project Central Server Setup

To install Microsoft Project Central on the server, follow these steps: 1.Insert your Microsoft Project 2000 CD into your CD·ROM drive. The setup program should run automatically. OR If auto run is disabled, choose Run from the Start menu and enter the following command: [CD-ROM Drive]: auto run auto run. 2. Select Microsoft Project Central Server from the Microsoft…

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Installing And Administering Microsoft Project Central 2000

Microsoft Project Central is a Web-based messaging system that pulls single , or multiple Project summaries.together one central location. It allows for collaborative planning and tracking among project managers and resources, and easy Web-based reporting. By providing access to project data, Microsoft Project Central extends project management organizationally, even to users who do not have Microsoft Project installed on their…

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