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Automatic Fixes for Common Errors

Project 2000 shares another feature with Office 2000: AutoCorrect. With AutoCorrect, you can build your own list of common misspellings. When Project encounters one of those words, it automatically fixes it for you. Some misspelled words, such as “and” and “the,” are already in the list. Asyou correct misspelled words, you can add them to…

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Entering Milestones

Earlier in this chapter, we defined milestones as tasks that usually have no duration and mark the completion of a significant phase of the project. To create a milestone, reduce the duration of the task to O. Project immediately converts the task to a milestone by changing the task bar in the Gantt Chart to…

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Inserting and Deleting Tasks

To insert a row, select the row below where you want the new row by clicking the row number choose Insert> New Task, or right-click and choose New Task from the shortcut menu. If you want to insert multiple rows, select the number of rows you want to insert by clicking the first row number…

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Assigning Task Durations

Duration is the total span of time you expect it will take to complete a task. In most cases, duration are estimates because you generally can’t predict exactly how long a task will take. Although you can use your previous experience and the experience of others to make predictions, when it comes down to it,…

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Entering Tasks in Gantt Chart View

The Gantt Chart view is the default view in Microsoft Project. This view, shown in Figure 7.1, consists of a task list on the left pane of the window and a Gantt Chart in the right pane. Use the horizontal scroll bars at the bottom of each pane to scroll to “additional information. If you…

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Planning Project Tasks

In planning the tasks that make up a project’s definition, you can adopt one of two generally accepted approaches to creating a task list. With the first method, called top down, you create a list of the major tasks or phases of the project that you need to complete for the project to be a…

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