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Adding Resources Automatically

When you begin assigning resources to tasks, as you’ll do in 10, you can create resources as you assign them. Any name you enter in the Resource Name field is automatically added to tile Resource list. This is an option that you can disable if you prefer. If you enter a resource into the Gantt…

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Entering Resource Availability

The Resource Availability table on the General tab of the Resource Information dialog box cant track the Available From date and the Available To date-a start and finish date for a resource if it differs from the Project Start or Finish Date. By default, the Start and Finish date of the project is designated by NA…

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Obtaining Resources

After you determine the types of resources you need and the approximate quantities, you have to consider where or how you will obtain the resources. Answer these questions to determine where and how you will obtain the resources: • If you are using staff within your organization, will they be assigned to the proj ect…

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Understanding Resources

As we described earlier, project resources are defined as the individuals, teams, factlities, equipment, supplies, and materials needed to complete a project. Without resources, the tasks outlined in the project could never be accomplished. Some projects may require detailed tracking of all of the resources used in the project. A company that manufactures engine parts,…

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