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Working with the Organizer

The Organizer allows you to save customized project settings. You can easily share these customization with your other projects. You can use this feature to utilize specific, defined customization for your organization, division, or department work groups; or you may find that you just want to use it for your own purpose to save time when creating your own…

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Changing Command Bar Options

To access options for command bars, right-click any Microsoft Project toolbar or Menu bar, and choose Customize from the shortcut menu to open the Customize dialog box. Click the Options tab to view the options for menus and tool bars (see Figure 21.10). Customizing Command Bars While the Customize dialog box is open, all displayed command bars are…

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Edit Options

The Edit tab, shown in Figure 21.3, contains general editing options that determine how Project allows you to edit and view information on your projects. Once again, remember that the settings displaying the open project’s name apply only to that project. Calendar Option The Calendar tab contains critical settings that determine how Microsoft Project interprets the days and…

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Customizing Project 2000

Microsoft Project 2000 makes it easy to customize the Project environment so that it acts just the way you want it to. You can set options that affect that global template and some that affect only the currently active project.You can customize tool bars and menu bars so they display the buttons and menu features you use most frequently.…

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