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Adding a Group Box to a Custom Form

Group boxes are used to create sections in a custom form. Related information can be visually differentiated and complex forms seem Simpler when fields are placed in logical group boxes. As an example, see the Define Import/Export map dialog box. Importing is such a complex process that there are four tabs of data and within each tab there are…

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Create a New Form

When you click the New button in the Custom Forms dialog box, the Custom Form Editor opens with a small empty dialog box open for editing. The only buttons that are on the new form are the OK and Cancel buttons. Working in the Custom Forms Editor After you select a custom form to edit or copy,…

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Setting Calculations for Summarization

Number and date fields can be summarized. (This option is disabled for text fields.) In the Customized Fields dialog box, select a calculation method to be used when the field is placed in summary reports: None The field is not part of any summary rows. Rollup Rolls the value of your field up into the summary rows…

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Customizing Fields And Forms

Its hard to believe, but there might be times when Project just doesn’t do everything you need. For example, you may need to track information that Project doesn’t have a field for want to view or enter information in a way that doesn’t match any of the forms predefined in Project 2000. Fear not, Project comes packaged with nearly 400…

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