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Opening a Project File That Contains Macros

If you can add code to a Project 2000 file, so can the people who write viruses. Viruses are self-replicating programs. ~en you open a file.that contains a virus, the virus copies its code into the application default template, effectively becoming a global virus. From that point forward, every project you save in the application will be infected,…

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Storing a Macro

In the Store Macro In drop-down list, select the document you want the macro stored in. A macro’s storage location determines how you’ll be able to access It later If you select the current project, the macro will be available only in this project. If you want the same macro somewhere else, you have to copy it…

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Creating Project 2000 Macros

project 2000 is more than just the application and templates you install from a CD. In earlier chapters, you saw some of the flexibility built into Project 2000. You can customize reports, views, and the application interface, This chapter . is an introduction to the most powerful Project 2000 custom tool of all-its profitability. As with the Office 2000…

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