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Customizing Workgroup Messages

Before sending the first TeamAssign message in a project, you may want to customize the workgroup messages that Project generates. You can customize the fields that are displayed in the message, as well as the timesheet grid that team members use to report work on the project. To customize workgroup messages, chose Tools >- Customize . Workgroup from the…

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Sending a Schedule Note

A schedule note is an email message that another member of the team who has access to Project sends to the project manager, resources and contacts assigned to a task, or to the entire project team. The schedule note can contain a copy of the complete project or an image of whatever view is visible on the…

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Sending and Receiving Workgroup Messages

With Project’s work group features, a project manager can do the following: • Send task assignments to team members via email. • Receive confirmation that the team member has accepted the task. • Update the project to reflect acceptance of assignments: • Send updates to team members when task parameters, such as duration, change, •…

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Communicating Project Information

This  is the detailed guide to project communication. We’ll begin by examinIng the role of communication in project management, then look at the methods used to communicate project information: manual, email, and Web-based data collection and feedback. Understanding Project Communication We can’t overstate the role of communication in a project or its importance to a project manager. Thoughtful,…

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