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Printing Calendars

Choosing Overview in the Reports dialog box gives you access to-the Working Days report. Project includes a standard report that prints the details of each of the active calendars in a project. You’ll learn more about printing and customizing reports in Chapter 18, “Using Reports to Analyze Data.” However, if you want to review the…

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Changing Working Times

Now that you have set the default working times for the project and defined days, weeks, and months, you can change the working times for selected dates and for days of the week in the Change Working Time dialog box. You can change selected dates from the default working time to nonworking,time or to non…

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Defining the Project Calendar

Project uses several different types of calendars to reflect when resources are available to work on a project. All projects that you create are assigned a calendar by Project. The project calendar reflects the general working hours for the project. The calendar contains the number of hours per day that will be spent on the…

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Setting Project Information

When you are ready-to start entering information about a new project, click the New button on the Standard toolbar or choose File> New and click OK to open a Blank Project template. Project opens a Project Information dialog box, shown In Figure 6.1 in which you can enter details about the project. The Project Information…

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