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Using Message Boxes and Input Boxes

In your programs and macros, you can use message boxes to display information or ask for confirmation of a task. By using an If structure or Select Case structure linked to the value that the message box returns, you can determine which button In the . message box the user has chosen. You can use this value to…

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Assigning a Value to a Variable

To assign a value to a variable, use an equal sign after the variablename, followed by the value, The following statement assigns the value SS to the variable i ntDaysExpi red: intDaysExp;red – SS The following statement assigns the value “Ferndal e” to the variable strLocation: strLocat;on – ‘Ferndale’ VIA Operators VBA provides a full complement…

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Troubleshooting Simple Code Problems

What can go wrong? Visual Basic is expecting very specific kinds of information. If you forget, for example, to put – True for the Create property, VB will stop executing in the middle of your code arid open a message box: Understanding Parts and Functions of VBA Code To work with VB,you need to know more about…

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Creating a Procedure in the VBA IDE

An event procedure is tied to an object event (such as a button’s click event), and automatically runs when that event occurs, The Format_Durati on macro is a general procedure. The code isn’t tied to any particular button or control, and runs only on demand. General procedures are very useful. You can fire this macro by assigning it to…

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Understanding Objects and Events

well create a simple User form to introduce the different parts of the “BA IDE and some VB concepts. Select insert > User Form, or click the Insert user Form button on the tool bar. A new User Form window opens in your work space. along with a VB toolbar called the Toolbox, which contains form controls.…

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Automating Project 2000 with VBA

Automation has a ways been the great promise of the computer age-get more work done or lounge in your recliner as the computer toils away as repetitive tasks. In order to have your computer perform a series of actions at the click of a button, you need to tell the computer what to do in words that it understands.…

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