Editing a Contour

When you manually change the work assignments in the Resource Usage or Task Usage view, the result is an counterintelligence. To edit a contour, switch to Resource Usage view or Task Usage view. In Resource Usage view, you can edit time phased work and the total work for any assignment. You cannot edit time phased…

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Applying a Predesignated Contour

Unlike task type, there is no option to set a contour for the entire project. Every assignment uses the default flat contour until you change it. Project 2000 includes eight predesignated contours: • Flat (default)-work is distributed evenly. • Back Loaded-peak activity occurs at the end of the assignment. • Front Loaded-peak activity occurs at…

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Assigning Material Resources to Tasks

Material resources are materials consumed in the completion of a task, as opposed to equipment used to complete a task. When you assign a material resource, you specify the way the material is consumed. With variable material consumption, the quantity of material consumed changes as task duration changes. Examples of variable material consumption include the…

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Fixed-Duration, Effort-Driven Tasks

 With fixed-duration and effort-driven tasks, neither the duration nor the amount of work can increase, so adding resources means that each resource will be assigned at a lower percentage (they’ll spend less time working on the task), freeing them for other tasks. If you change the percentage of a unit’s assignment, Project recalculates work. You…

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Adjusting Assignments

When we changed the resources from 4000A 3000A for Task 3, Project didn’t calculate work. Instead, it changed duration. When you change the units assigned to a task, Project recalculates duration or work. To determine which of the two values should be recalculated. A task setting determines which value Project will change. The default setting…

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Working with Duration, Work, and Units

The relationship between time, scope, and cost is called the project triangle. The relationship between duration, work, and units can aptly be described as Project’s Bermuda Triangle. Plenty of project managers enter this part of Project and are never heard from or seen again. When we interviewed project managers who had given up on previous…

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