The Admin tab and all administrative functions, shown in Figure 26.6, are available only to the user accounts that have administrative permissions

The Admin menu is

The Admin menu is

Creating Users Accounts

Microsoft Project Central automatically creates an administrative account with a blank password when you install Project Central. All other accounts must be created by an account with administrative permissions. Accounts can also be created by project managers if you set appropriate security options. You can find out more about this method in “Setting Security and Account Creation Permissions” later

The Users view displays a list of users, how each account is authenticated, its role, and its status. You can use the drop-down arrows to filter any of the columns in the user table.

Selecting a User Role

There are three roles in Microsoft Project Central: Administrator, Manager, and Resource. Table 26.4 describes each role



You add, modify existing users, and merge or delete user accounts by choosing Admin >Users from the Microsoft Project Central Menu bar or by clicking on Users in the Actions frame on the left side of the Microsoft Project Central window (see Figure 26.6). To crea~e a new user, follow these steps

1. Expand the Users section of the Administration window.
2. Click Add User.
3. Select the desired authentication method. If you chose Microsoft Project Central server authentication, the dialog box also asks for a password and password confirmation.
4. Enter the user name. If you are using Windows NT authentication, you must enter the domain name with the user name.
5. Enter the em ail address of the new user.
6. Select the role of the new user.
7. Scroll back to the top of the page.
8. Click the Save Changes button.

Modifying a User Account

To modify a user account or reset the password for an account, follow these steps:

1. Select the account you wish to modify.
2. Click Modify Account Options.
The account properties appear below the User List.
3. Change the account option or click Reset Password.
4. Scroll up to the top and click the Save Changes button.

Merging User Accounts

By default, project managers and resources can create Microsoft Project Central user accounts. Project managers can create accounts by sending work group messages to project resources and by specifying Windows user accounts when they enter information in the Resource Information dialog box. Resources can create user accounts by delegating tasks to other resources. If project managers and resources do not use a standard naming convention when they create accounts, a single resource might end up with  multiple Project Central accounts.

When a person has more than one resource account, you can consolidate these accounts to prevent this person from having to log in several times to retrieve all their information. If more than one account has actually been used for a resource, before you merge the accounts, the project managers must make the required changes to their project files and resend corresponding work group messages. Only after this has been accomplished in all active projects should you merge the two user accounts or these assignments will be lost

Customizing Project Central

Microsoft Project Central gives you the ability to control many aspects of your projects, from who can create user accounts to how users log in, from what color your Gantt bars are to a personalized home page featuring your company logo. Figure 26.7 shows the customizable settings for Project Central

Project Central is

Project Central is

Nonworking Time Categories

You can set up and specify categories of nonworking or non-project time. These categories are displayed in users’ tiniesheets, in a special Nonworking Time section, and users are able to report time against these categories.

Figure 26.8 shows the nonworking time for a Microsoft Project Central Server. Sick Leave and Vacation are the two default entries. You can keep or these entries and/or create your own. For each category, you can associate a code that can be in numeric, text, or Microsoft Project outline code format. Microsoft Project Central server does not use these codes, and users do not see them, but they are stored in the Microsoft Project Central server database, so you can use them for your own reference.

Customizing Gantt Bars and Timescales

On this page, you can customize the color, size, style, and name of nineteen different Gantt Charts. You can also designate the beginning day of each chart. Giving each Gantt Chart a unique name allows Project Managers and Team Members to quickly choose the correct chart from a drop-down list.

Customizing Gantt Charts

To customize a Gantt Chart, select Gantt Bar Styles and Times cales from the Customize menu shown in Figure 26.9. From the Gantt Chart drop-down box at the top of the page, select the chart you want to customize. Click in the cell that contains the information you want to change .

Changing the Task Delegation Setting

There are times when resources need to delegate tasks to other resources. For example, a project manager assigns tasks to a team leader. The team leader in turn assigns those tasks to other members of the team. If one team member becomes overloaded with work, becomes ill, goes on vacation, or just has a better plan for how to spend next week, that team member could delegate some of their tasks to another team member.

(It’s this last reason that creates a need for the ability to disable the Task Delegation feature.) Specify whether you want the Task Delegation feature to be enabled or disabled for Microsoft Project Central by choosing Task Delegation Settings from the Actions pane. If the feature is enabled, resoujces can delegate tasks to other resource

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