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Managing Resources Throughout the project, the project manager needs to analyze resource usage. If some tasks aren’t progressing according to schedule, you’ll be forced to examine your resource
” utilization, but there are other reasons to review the way your project plan uses resources:

• Resources that you free up can be used in other projects that share the same resource pool.
• Increased resource use by other hlgh property projects lowers the resource availability for your project .

• Resources can be moved from low-risk or less-critical tasks to critical tasks within a project.
• Idle resources cost money. With Project 2000, you can view assignments for all resources or for specific work groups. You can quickly view resources with available time, and then assign them to
tasks that are falling behind schedule.

Over allocated resources increase the risk that a project will fall behind schedule, so  Project includes several tools for identifying and leveling or reassigning over- and under allocated resources. In the Resource Usage table, shown in Figure 3.4, it’s hard not to notice that Amy Orange is over committed on May 16th.

Her name is bold (and shows red onscreen). She’s currently scheduled to work IS hours (900 minutes) in what is normally an eight-hour workday. If she doesn’t work a IS-hour day, one or more tasks will not be completed as scheduled. May 16th is in the second week of the project, so we probably want to shift some resources or risk burning out our employees before the project really picks up steam.

The Resource Usage table highlights overallocated resources and unassigned tasks

The Resource Usage
table highlights over allocated
and unassigned tasks

What’s Next
In 2″Understanding Projects,” and this chapter, we examined project definition, design, development, implementation, and-the tasks required for project managers. Now, it’s time to get to work. In Chapter 4, “Project 2000 Quick start,” we’ll look at using Project 2000 to launch and manage the BOT project. Beginning with Chapter S, “Working in Project 2000,” you’ll find detailed information on each aspect of project management .

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